Diesel fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbon with preferable 11 to 18 C-atoms at a boiling range between 170C and 360C. Diesel fuel has to be free of any acidity and solid impurities. At room temperature the look of Diesel fuel has to be pure which means without any obfuscation.

The requirements for Diesel are determined by the European norm EN 590. The norm has sixteen different chemical-physical measurements by which the Diesel has to be reviewed in order to secure the quality of the Diesel.

You can save with our Shell Fuelsave Diesel over the entire lifespan of a vehicle, simply by reducing  high emissions and smoke. Additionally it protects your vehicles motor from corrosion. Furthermore, through a special additive, foam formation will be repressed which will provide faster and cleaner fueling.

Our Diesel delivery is fast and reliable, whether it is delivering to a gas station or the professional delivery of a bigger quantity of our Diesel.

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