Solid Fuels

You can call yourself fortunate, if you are still heating via coal or firewood. Nowadays old heating methods, considered obsolete a few years ago, are reconsidered. Heating with solid fuels like hard coal, brown coal or firewood reflect independence and eco-friendliness.

Owners of coal heating systems can look forward to this winter, because in comparison to gas or heating oil coal is a relatively inexpensive energy source. Up to 20% of heating costs can be saved by using coal heating systems.

Using firewood to heat via tile stoves or chimneys as an additional source of energy gains more and more popularity. Thus, especially in the transition period, the central heating system can remain inoperative and can be used to heat according to your personal desire during the heating season.

Our delivery program includes the entire product line of solid fuels like brown coal briquettes, stone coal (anthracite, extracite),coke, pellets, charcoal, firewood, kindle fire, etc.)

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